Architectural Drawing Reproductions FAQ

For digital reproductions of oversized architectural plans and drawings:

Q: Where do I search for architectural drawings or plans?

A: Catalog records for a portion of materials from our Architecture collection can be accessed via ARCHIE, CHM’s online catalog. Please contact our Research Center staff at to inquire about materials that may not be reflected in the online catalog.

Q: How can I request a reproduction?

A: You can visit CHM’s Abakanowicz Research Center in person to view the materials and request a reproduction. Please contact before you visit in order to ensure that the materials are onsite and available for viewing, as an advance appointment is required to view portions of the Architecture collection depending upon the specific category of material. After viewing the materials, requests may be submitted using the Architectural Drawing Reproduction Form.

Q: How much do reproductions cost?

A: Nonprofits or individuals pay $70 per sheet, and for-profits pay $90 per sheet.

Q: How long does the process take?

A:Turnaround time for reproductions of architectural drawings is approximately four to six weeks. Some drawings are stored offsite and may take more time to retrieve.


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